Love it? Try on Your own!

Welcome to the jungle!! Just as the name says this aquarium style depicts the wild, untaimed appearce. This masterpice was done by Siniša Poljak. There is no specific rule on how You should plant, go with what You like.

This aquarium shows that with the right substrate and tall growing plants that block the light You can create perfect dappled light effect. The more the plants the better the effect, because the plants compete for space and light. Over time the plants stabilize and there is no need for maintance at all. Another great thing about this aquarium is that the fish love it.

So, have fun and trust Your gut. Chaos can be fabulous!!



Used plants:sina666 moja đungla photo

Ammania sp. 'Bonsai'

Hemianthus callitricoides

Hydrocotyle tripartita 'Japan'

Pogostemon erectus

Pogostemon stellatus

Rotala rotundifolia

Staurogyne repens








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