Hortilab d.o.o. tissue culture laboratory was found in 2010, with an ambitious and thriving spirit to offer only superb, high-quality and healthy plants produced by micropropagation method. We produce many varieties of ornamental plants, fruit seedlings and of course, aquarium plants.  

Production and quality control in the Hortilab laboratory is based on the latest and affirmed scientific methods of tissue and cell culture in "in-vitro" conditions. We use them to produce plants without the presence of external agents, disease and pathogens. This technology is also used to produce seedlings for our greenhouse nurseries, where we maintain optimum climate conditions that allow getting top products, even throughout the winter months.

Hortilab takes care about environment and ‘’in-vitro’’ technology allows us to support activities of nature conservation, due to the fact that we do not use native plants populations for further production. In our facilities, we grow more than 200 species and varieties of aquarium plants. We work daily on the development of our technologies to enrich our selection with new plant species and varieties. To our customers, we are also offering to produce plant seedlings according to their wishes.

The commercial success of our products is confirmed with a long list of respectable and top-ranked buyers. Thanks to a well established global network of distributors, nowadays our plants are available in all EU countries as s well as in USA, Russia, Asia, Africa and Australia.

Hortilab is a young, but it is also a strong and dedicated company with a long-term strategy. It owes its success to a team of talented, young and aspiring people, but also to a strong cooperation with institutions like the University of Zagreb.

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Here at Hortilab, our mission is to enable each person to become a successful aquascaper and to have a good-looking aquarium. To achieve this, we provide only best, high-quality aquarium plants supplied in a sealed pots. We strive to grow our business with the same love, care and integrity that we use in seedlings production.



We challenge You to explore the diversity of aquarium plants that we can offer. The range offers more than 200 species and every month we are preparing new ones.  It includes a variety of plants such as Cryptocoryne, Alternanthera, Eleocharis, Echinodorus, Anubias, Pogostemon and many others. Choose the right plants for Your Aquarium!



We strive to offer aquarium plants that are affordable to everyone.  Plants are produced under sterile conditions and therefore do not contain any external agents, disease and pathogens. Also, only healthy and good looking plants are used for further production in our greenhouse.


HORTILAB- Next day at Your doorstep

Thanks to WORLDWIDE EXPRESS SHIPPING provided by DHL, we can offer You fast and reliable shipping. Plants are transported in a secured, double-layered and waterproof boxes, that will keep quality and freshness of Your the plants. We dispatch your plants the same day, so they are the next day at your doorstep. We ship our plants worldwide, with maximum comfort for our buyer as shipments are delivered directly to their addresses.